City of West Bend Recreation Internship

Job Description

The intern position exists to provide an opportunity to assume duties and responsibilities commonly associated with an entry level position in municipal recreation. The internship will be mainly focused on recreation, but the intern will have an opportunity to explore other division operations, delve into associate organizations and investigate potential employment opportunities.

Goals and Objectives:
  • To provide a wide variety of experiences in Recreation Programming, Park Maintenance and Urban Forestry.
  • To give the Student Intern a strong working knowledge of our department and other public recreation agencies.
  • To train the Student Intern with necessary skills and knowledge that will prepare the individual for the professional field of parks and recreation.
Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Work with Recreation Supervisor in planning and implementing recreational programs, services and special events. This includes advertising, scheduling, facility preparation, budgeting, staffing, supply preparation, and registration.
  • Supervises recreational areas during activity and monitors their administration.
  • Markets Department programs and information through press releases, flyers and brochures.
  • Coordinates activities with service organizations, sport associations and school district.
  • Participates in an orientation that includes a facility tour, staff introductions, overview of department procedures, familiarization with customer services and review of intern duties.
  • Gains a general overview of the business’s operation. Learns each department’s primary functions, each staff member’s functions and the inter-relations between each department.
  • Attends staff meetings & professional associations meetings on a regular basis. Assumes primary responsibility for a major project that will enhance operation of the business. The project includes a written report that must meet the University’s formal writing requirements.


Student majoring in recreation management, leisure services or related field, have completed the necessary requirements with their respective college or university, and possess strong communication and organizational skills.

Salary/Salary Range

Summer paid internship May – August (40hrs. per week) $8.00/hr. Spring & Fall Internships are un-paid.

How to Apply

To apply for a Student Intern position contact the Recreation Supervisor, Nicholas Lemke at (262) 335-5084 or send a cover letter and resume to: West Bend Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department Attn: Nicholas Lemke, 1115 S. Main Street, West Bend, WI 53095.

Closing Date

Open until filled.


January 10, 2018