Membership Committee


To plan, coordinate and conduct a continuous membership recruitment campaign aimed at all disciplines within the leisure services field including lay supporters.


  1. Monitor WPRA's membership recruitment and retention plan annually. Any proposed changes should be submitted to the Board for approval.
  2. As WPRA is an affiliate of the NRPA, the committee should strive to recruit members for the National Recreation and Park Association whenever possible.
  3. Membership Chairman shall insure that the tasks of Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan are fulfilled.


  1. Evaluate the need for a new member incentive program. If need exists, include a plan, fiscal impact, and timeline for implementation.
  2. Assess with input from the WPRA Sections, the need for additional special interest sections or sub-sections. Assess the Office Support membership category and adjust as needed.
  3. Review the existing membership categories and fee structure and determine if an adjustment should be recommended for the following year.
  4. Continue to promote and implement a Membership Campaign in conjunction with WPRA Sections and Region Representatives.
  5. Support and promote the NRPA Partner Membership Campaign.
  6. Continue to organize and promote the Conference Raffle in conjunction with the Park, Recreation, WTRS and Aquatic Sections.