Legislative Committee


Develop, administer and implement an effective plan for monitoring Federal and State legislation and administrative policies as they relate to public issues of concern and impact on parks, recreation, aquatic, therapeutic recreation and natural resource related professionals.


  1. Administer the legislative hotline system when action is required.
  2. The Chairman, President, and Executive Director will monitor and analyze State and Federal legislative issues affecting the leisure services field and request input from the committee when timely.
  3. Represent the WPRA position at public hearings and inform the membership of these public hearing appearances.
  4. Keep the Association membership informed of legislation being acted upon which affects the leisure services field through "IMPACT" and "PRMonthly".
  5. Recommend a Legislative Agenda to the Board of Directors (by the September meeting) and the membership for their approval. Coordinate printing and distribution with the WPRA Office.
  6. Review accomplishments of local, state and national legislators each year and recommend to the WPRA Board appropriate award(s).


  1. Continue the regionalized format for Legislative Committee for alerts and legislative updates.
  2. Submit an in-depth legislative article to IMPACT.
  3. Educate and implement the Legislative Hotline System with each professional section and ask them to retain a proposed section hotline framework for use.
  4. Submit the annual Legislative Platform for approval.
  5. Continue to monitor the Stewardship Program and Fund and submit a Position Paper to the general membership.
  6. Work with NRPA to monitor and to enact RecreAction Alert.
  7. Investigate the interest in developing a WPRA Legislative Interaction Day at the State Capitol.
  8. Determine interest in sponsoring an educational session at the Annual Conference.