Impact Magazine Committee


Responsible for the production of IMPACT magazine, the official publication of the WPRA. The magazine provides a statewide forum for research and discussion on needs and services of park, recreation and therapeutic recreation professionals, problems confronting the profession, and innovative programs and services. Articles are accepted by the committee based on the judgment of members that the material is germane to the topic of park, recreation and therapeutic recreation, and is relevant to the established format of the publication.


  1. To produce a quarterly magazine depicting information that represents the varied agencies and interests of the members of WPRA.
  2. Review content of the magazine maintaining an appropriate proportion of advertising, news and articles.
  3. Review the work of Innovative Publishing Ink and make recommendations for any improvements.
  4. Select and solicit materials and articles for IMPACT which represent the park, recreation, aquatic and therapeutic recreation interests of WPRA members.
  5. Monitor outside requests for publication that are consistent with the above.
  6. The Editor or designee and the Deputy Director are responsible for proofing the typeset copy within agreed deadlines.
  7. The Editor should determine when additional space is available to promote upcoming WPRA events.


  1. Identify commercial members that WPRA can receive advertising monies from to cover the annual postage.
  2. Review the proposed "Article Contributor Award" to WPRA members.
  3. Review photo contest procedures and determine continuation.
  4. Review the present number of featured columns and determine need/interest for continuation and/or adjustments.