Conference Committee


Plan and administer the Annual Conference. This is to be accomplished in conjunction with the Sections and is to be representative of all interests and disciplines within the Association. The principal focus of the committee is to provide members with quality educational programs and the opportunity to interact with park and recreation professionals from throughout the state.


  1. The Conference Chair shall appoint all committee positions noted in the Conference Policy Manual.
  2. Each WPRA Section will appoint a representative to serve on the educational program sub-committee for the Annual Conference. This sub-committee shall strive to provide programs on a variety of topics appropriate for all levels of employees.
  3. Preliminary plans for the conference should be presented to the Board of Directors for their approval no later than the February Board Meeting. This should include the exhibitor, registration and advertising fees, conference theme and special activities, as well as the advance exhibit fees for the next year, and a schedule that maximizes CEU opportunities.
  4. The Committee Chair shall submit to the Board of Directors a post conference evaluation summary no later than the January Board Meeting. Recommendations for the following year will be solicited from the Board. All suggestions shall be reviewed by the Conference Committee.
  5. The committee shall follow all financial and other policies as established in the Conference Policy Manual. Any recommended policy changes must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  6. The Conference Chair shall update the Board Liaison and Executive Director after each committee meeting as to budget status and bring any budget revision requests to the WPRA Board for review and authorization.