Bylaws, Policies & Protocols

WPRA Organizational Handbook

The purpose of the "WPRA Organizational Handbook" is to provide the elected and appointed leaders of WPRA who are interested in furthering the goals of WPRA with the necessary information to carry out their tasks. Become familiar with and use the information contained within the handbook, for it is through the use of this information that you will become a more influential and knowledgeable member of the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association. Let us always remember that if we act as an intelligent, interested and concerned professional willing to give of our talents, skills and resources, that we can do more than any other group to establish and maintain understanding, appreciation and support for quality park, recreation, aquatic and therapeutic recreation programs in every community throughout the State of Wisconsin.

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WPRA Policies

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WPRA Bylaws

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WPRA Email Communication Protocol

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WPRA Social Media Policy

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